Taurus Raging Bull 454

The rather uncommon version of the Raging Bull 454, the barrel is a mere 2” long. A full-size 454 usually has the 8” barrel. Not an easy gun to shoot if you haven’t gotten used to heavy recoil. Also not exactly an ideal conceal carry option to keep in a purse or a waistband holster. Good bear gun though.


Taurus Ultra-Lite Titanium .44 Magnum

A 6-shot, snub-nosed revolver, the inclusion of titanium in some parts reduces the overall weight. I think it weighs in at around 26 or 28 ounces. This is a give and take kind of deal. You have a very lightweight revolver, making it easy to conceal and carry. On the downside, it is chambered in the large .44 Magnum caliber, paired with the 2” barrel, making it a very harsh recoiling pocket pistol. Definitely not for beginning shooters.

Shooting some tannerite